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Lincoln Imps Trampoline Club

Beginner to Competitor

Trampoline Training for 7 year olds and older.

Every session is designed to maximise the time provided and therefore encourage quality learning. It is important every member arrives on time for their session in order to carry out the floor warm up. This essential warm up​ is designed with dynamic movements aim​ed at preparing the body for trampolining, activating and strengthening the core. Members are taught basic skills building toward trampoline competency in somersaulting and linking moves. Members are also provided with the opportunity to pass badges, take part in gradings and local competitions.

Trampoline and Gymnastics Training for 4 - 7 year olds

Every session is a mix of trampolining and basic gymnastics. Children are taught to build strength and co-ordination through gymn​astics and trampolining. Children also have the opportunity to pass badges.

Just Jump

Just Jump are single pay as you go sessions. The Thursday session is an adult session with a minimum age of 15 and the Saturday sessions have an SEN hour and also a family and friends 90 minute session. These sessions are less structured than the classes and participants may choose how much their session is coach led. 


Taster sessions         £12 for 2 lessons 90 minute class/£10 for 2 lessons 60 minute class

90 minute classes     £75 a quarter or £26 a month

60 minute class        £65 a quarter

Just Jump                £6.50 per 90 minute session

Just Jump SEN         £5.00 per 60 minute session

Competitive Training

Competitive training encourages a higher standard of achievement and physical ability. Dedicated training and practice builds discipline and helps to understand that, with extra effort, often comes results improving fitness levels and extending individual boundaries about physical perceptions of what they are capable of. At the start of the competition season goals are set. Working towards a common goal is one of the most effective ways to grow camaraderie and friendship. 

Competitors are initially encouraged to take part in gradings where medals are awarded for scores achieved and not for winning. This encourages children to realise that with a little more effort or time or experience goals and standards are achievable. 

The club competes at county regional and national levels and has achieved outstanding results at all levels

Please note that packages and prices will change September 2020 due to changes affected by covid 19.

Bronze Package

£56 a month

Package includes training 3 hours a week and all club, county and regional competition entry fees

Bronze Package +

£63.50 a month

Package as above + national competition entry fees

Silver Package

£70 a month

Package includes training up to 6 hours a week and all club, county and regional competition entry fees

Silver Package +


£76.50 a month

Package as above +national competition entry fees

Gold Package​

£75 a month

Package includes unlimited training hours up to 12 hours a week and all club, county and regional competition entry fees.

Gold Package +

£82.50 a month

Package as above + national competition entry fees

Competitors are also required to purchase the club kit at a reduced price of £50 which must be worn at all times when representing the club in competitions. Once purchased the kit can be exchanged when necessary at no further cost. The kit includes leotard, tracksuit and polo or t shirt.